c-rex's music journal
1/1/10 12:01 am

uploads, recommendations & random musical nonsense will now be posted in friends only posts from now on.
just to protect me.

& all you have to do is add this journal to your friends, there are no other requirements.

how it works: you can check the tags (link just above) for all uploads. all albums tagged should be available for download. if anything runs out just let me know and I'll gladly re-upload it.
other then that just feel free to request from my list, and that's all.

ALL UPLOADS CAN BE FOUND HERE: Upload List, password: recordload

check my list



9/21/06 10:25 pm
i should have made this post months & months ago, but...i'm forgetful.

i am (and have been for months) unable to upload music for the time being.

i'd strongly suggest using soulseek (slsknet.org).

i will (if i remember to) delete this journal sometime this week...